Barry in the Chamber, 1 May 2018

Today in the House of Commons, Barry asked Greg Clark, the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy secretary, a question about UK consumers in a post-Brexit world. Have a look:

Barry: Will the Secretary of State come down from the clouds? He knows that the biggest damage to all consumers in this country is coming from leaving the European Union. Did he see the LinkedIn report this morning that says that talented people in our country are fleeing overseas? Is that good for consumers?

Clark: That was an ingenious piece of shoehorning, I must say. Part of our commitment is to make sure that we have a free trade agreement with the rest of the European Union that allows us to continue to serve markets right across Europe and the world. If the hon. Gentleman looks at the success of employment, including in his constituency in recent months, he will see that companies are employing people at rates not seen for many years.

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