Bedroom Tax

Many people contact me about the Bedroom Tax - week in, week out I hear from people - often on their own - who are going to have to move from their homes as a result of this pointless Tory tax. 

People are being forced out of their homes - but there are not smaller properties for them to move to.  Most housing stock tends to be family sized - even flats have two and three bedrooms.  What the Bedroom Tax also ignores is that plenty of people who claim also work

The challenges faced by people who are in work but who still cannot make ends meet are real right across the country.  If people in work are forced to move, they risk paying massive sums for travel or having to leave their jobs altogether.  People who are on their own if they are forced to move away from family ties and friends risk becoming isolated and vulnerable.


The Bedroom Tax isn't just wrong - it's a waste of time and money.  It's not making the savings that the Government claimed it would and the misery it generates - that I see in my surgeries all the time - is unjustifiable.  Only a Labour Government will scrap this tax and start working for people not against them.  

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  • Martin Rattigan
    commented 2017-05-18 13:40:34 +0100
    I’m watching people all around me struggling under tory glory. From homelessness, to closing down A&E. This isn’t London where Yorkshire and proud.
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