Ending Fuel Poverty in Huddersfield

Latest government statistics indicate that there are over 4 million UK households in fuel poverty. Given this, I am proud to support the National Energy Action’s (NEA) campaign to End Fuel Poverty Now.

Barry Sheerman with Gill Furniss and Alan Whitehead, Shadow BEIS Ministers for the End Fuel Poverty campaign.Today (17th February) is National Fuel Poverty Awareness Day. 

It is indefensible that people have to live in cold home causing both physical and mental health, and often resulting in deaths. This is largely due to low incomes, high energy prices and poor quality energy-inefficient housing.

In my constituency of Huddersfield, 5455 households (13.3%) live in fuel poverty. Last year there were 53 excess winter deaths in Huddersfield, 30% of which were attributed to cold homes.

Having a detrimental impact on the health and wellbeing of those who are struggling to afford to heat their own homes, it is vital that the government does more to address fuel poverty.

Labour has already committed itself to addressing the cold homes crisisand made clear that eradicating fuel poverty is a statutory target to be met by the government.

In Parliament last week I showed my support for the End Fuel Poverty Now campaign and met with Gill Furniss and Alan Whitehead, Shadow BEIS Ministers for the End Fuel Poverty campaign. I have also written to Kirklees Council and look forward to working alongside others in the community to continue to fight for a new approach to energy efficiency which invests in warm and decent homes as an infrastructure priority.



Fuel Poverty Awareness Day is coordinated by NEA and supported by many organisations across the UK. For more information visit http://www.nea.org.uk/campaigns-policy/fuel-poverty-awareness-day/

More statistics on fuel poverty in Huddersfield can be found here: http://www.fpeeg.org.uk/constituency-fuel-poverty/?term=huddersfield

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