Huddersfield 2020 announced

Huddersfield MP Barry Sheerman has announced the creation of a group focussing on the regeneration of Huddersfield town centre, aiming to get new life and investment in the town.

Speaking to the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, Barry Sheerman the Huddersfield 2020 group would "bring a broad canvas of people together who have concerns about the town centre and ideas to help improve it."

Kirklees has been especially heavily hit by cuts from the Conservative-led government, with the burden of cuts hitting it much harder than constituencies like George Osborne's in the south. Barry said "I think we need to be realistic and look at what the council can no longer afford to do and then look at where social enterprise can come in and pick up the pieces."

The possible extension of the social enterprise model to look at protecting libraries and regenerating the town centre comes after successes in Barry's campaign to save the free town bus.

Barry praised the HD One development plan: "HD One is looking positive for future regeneration, but I do think the town centre has a number of problems, there is a concentration of bookies, takeaways and charity shops which has created an unbalance.

"We need some new life and investment in the town centre and we need to discuss how to get it."

You can read more about Huddersfield 2020 in the Examiner's article.

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