Litter picking on Castle Hill

You'd be surprised what a mess some people leave behind at Castle Hill.

 Barry Sheerman cleaning up litter at Castle Hill

Last Friday I was up at Castle Hill to help local people mount a clean-up operation. I'm sorry to say it was a real mess before we arrived, with crisp packets, baby wipes, cans and plastic bags all over the place, caught in trees and bushes and scattered in the undergrowth.

With the local people I'd brought with me along with other volunteers we spent the whole morning with grabbers, gloves and black bin liners and we managed to leave that beautiful site in a much better condition. 

I know you'll agree with me: it's not hard to put something in the bin! Casual littering is bad for the environment and can even kill animals, as well as looking really ugly. 

The next litter picking day is in July during the school holidays. Pop up there and let's keep our landmark looking at its best!

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