Say 'NO' to the demolition of Newsome Mills!

Newsome Mills is an iconic element of our heritage.  It must not be destroyed.



Many of my constituents are dismayed by plans of the developer who very rapidly wants to demolish the Newsome Mills buildings - even those parts relatively unscathed by the recent fire. 


The proposal put forward by the developer fails to adequately assure me that the clock-tower will be retained, restored and sympathetically incorporated into the new buildings.  The demolition is not necessary and is being used as a first-resort when in fact all other options should be explored initially and demolition should remain a last-resort.


As I understand it, police investigations into the fire that damaged the old mill are ongoing and we may yet find out those responsible.         


There have been to my knowledge, a number of developers keen to retain some of the significant listed elements to the old mill and incorporate them into a housing scheme for older residents of the town.


I have written to the Council to ask them to intervene to stop any further demolition until the police investigation is finished and the developers have been engaged in discussion on alternative uses for the site.


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