School cuts across Huddersfield and the UK

I am shocked to see the proposed level of cuts to schools in Huddersfield after 2019/20 through the National Funding Formula. 

Data collected by the NUT shows the total effect this National Funding Formula (NFF) will have on both primary and secondary schools. Through the government’s strategy of freezing per-pupil funding regardless of inflation and unavoidable school costs, academies and schools across Huddersfield will be affected.

Inevitable school costs such as employer pensions and national insurance contributions mean there are funding shortages that will not be fixed through the proposed National Funding Formula. Data from NUT show that 98% of schools will be worse off in real terms by 2020 following the NFF. Further statistics have shown real term budget cuts will be, on average, 9.5% in primary schools and 8.7% in secondary schools. I am saddened to see this affect our own Huddersfield schools, with an average of an 8% proposed cut to per pupil funding across 29 schools.

With schools already under pressure for funding, it seems unrealistic to assume further efficiency savings can be made. Even schools that may benefit from this formula would see real-term cuts in their spending power.

I am keen to press the Chancellor to invest in our schools and recognise the detrimental effects these cuts will have on pupils and teachers.

I have therefore asked the following question to the Chancellor of the Exchequer:

“What steps are being taken to ensure school’s increased income through the proposed National Funding Formula will not be outweighed by real-term cuts to their funding over the next three years?”

You can find the response here:

The NUT and ATL have also created a website to calculate the real value of every school’s budget by the end of this Parliament in 2020:

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