Sunday is Special in Huddersfield

I recently voted to protect the weekend by maintaining the existing Sunday trading laws.

Sundays are specialThe proposed changes were met with wide opposition from many who felt that the family lives of shopworkers would be adversed affected, and that it was important to preserve Sundays special status. I was also concerned that smaller and independent shops could have been forced out of business.

The existing Sunday Trading Act is a great British compromise as it allows everyone to do what they want: shops to trade, customers to shop, staff to work whilst allowing Sunday to still be a day to enjoy and keep unique.

Extending opening hours would not magically mean everyone has more money to spend, and we manage our shopping needs without any real difficulty at the moment.

The existing Sunday trading law is what is best for my constituents as extending trading would result in families with busy working weeks being unable to spend much needed quality time with each other. As a family man myself, I know how important that time is.

I am pleased that the current trading laws will remain as is. I think however you wish to spend your Sundays, be it for family, religion or a day of rest, there is a good balance already in place and I hope future generations recognise the importance of keeping Sunday special.        

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  • Barry Sheerman
    published this page in Latest News 2016-03-14 12:38:47 +0000
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