Supporting People with Hearing Loss at Work

I was pleased to read the recent report by Action on Hearing Loss on increasing confidence in employing people with hearing loss- a guide for employers

The Working for Change campaign was launched in January by Action on Hearing Loss and was a big step forward in breaking workplace barriers for those with hearing loss. The report below highlights some common misperceptions held by employers about those with hearing loss in the workplace.

Action on Hearing Loss commissioned polling through YouGov and found some worrying discoveries, including:

• 35% of business leaders stating that they do not feel confident about their business employing a person with hearing loss.
• 57% of business leaders agreeing that there is a lack of support or advice available for employers about employing people with hearing loss.
• 63% of business leaders in the YouGov poll having never heard of Access to Work
• 39% of business leaders stating that they disagree that they are well-equipped to enable staff with hearing loss to stay productive in the workforce
Currently there are 11 million people in the UK having hearing loss with almost five million who are of working age. It is important that people who are deaf or experience hearing loss have equal access to fulfilling work; I hope businesses and organisations in Huddersfield will consider this report and recognise the support available to them when employing people with disabilities.

The reports ‘Working for change, improving attitudes to hearing loss in the workplace’ and ‘Working for change, and increasing confidence in employing people with hearing loss’ are available to download HERE 

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