Campaign Diary - Castle Hill

I spent part of yesterday on Huddersfield’s iconic landmark Castle Hill, a great place to visit and take stock of our wonderful Town with a panoramic view of its beautiful countryside. 

I have been working hard to get something built up on Castle Hill as it should be more of a hot spot for Huddersfield than it already is. I want to see a first rate restaurant or café up there which local people can enjoy and which will bring in tourists to our part of the world. Something really fantastic befitting the site, but which also allows archaeological excavation of the site to continue.  

In the last few months it has begun to feel like we are making a breakthrough so I hope that the site will be developed and enhanced in the not too distant future.

We are now only 17 days away from the General Election and all is still to play for. The two main parties are neck and neck in the poles and a lot hinges on who wins on May 7.

This week is crucial because on Thursday the postal votes will be sent to those that intend to vote by post. I have written a letter to many of these people to remind them to use their vote, so please do use it if you are a postal voter!

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