Westminster Hall Debate on Global Road Deaths

Yesterday, I hosted a Westminster Hall Debate on global road deaths. As a committed campaigner against preventable traffic collisions for many years, I called for this important debate because it is crucial that we raise awareness of one of the greatest epidemics of our time.

1.3 million die on the roads every year. Ten times that are seriously injured. More people will die on the road in the 21st century than who died in all the wars of the 20th century. Furthermore, these preventable tragedies especially hit poor and vulnerable populations.  

I called yesterday for a joined-up approach from the departments of the International Development, Health and Transport. Together we need to actively work towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the third of which covers global road safety. The UN has set a target of halving the number of global road deaths and injuries by 2020 but, as a country, we have not set a similar goal - this must change.  

I hope for a solution to these preventable deaths and injuries based on good research, investigation and learning from innovation and success in other countries. We can solve this problem through strong leadership exhibiting passion, purpose, perseverance and partnership.


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